New Zealand Silver Fern Visa VS Working Holiday Visa

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New Zealand Silver Fern Visa

Yesterday, we  knew about Silver Fern Visa. 4tern’s fans, Teng Teck Poh interested in this visa, too bad it is valid to 300 worldwide applicants.
New Zealand Silver Fern Visa VS Working Holiday Visa

New Zealand Silver Fern Visa VS Working Holiday Visa

New Zealand Silver Fern Visa VS Working Holiday Visa. What are the differences between these two? Let’s refer to below table: Silver Fern Working Holiday Visa
Application Date Usually on every year’s April
This year falls on 27th April 2012.

Usually on every year’s January

Number of places 300 worldwide



400(Hong Kong)


Departure Time Within 6 months Within 12 months
Staying Period 9 months

6 months + 3 months extension (Malaysia)

12 months + 3 months extension (Taiwan, Hong Kong, China)

Works Apply work according to your talents and skill Any seasonal jobs
Working Period 9 months. Higher chance to get a long term employment. 3 months of working  with a same employer.
Competition Tough Average
Sufficient funding NZD 4200 NZD 2250
Age 20-35 18-30

After you completed your New Zealand Working Holiday, and you intend to go to New Zealand again. The only way is work seriously, train your expertise to the max.

By that time, New Zealand would have no reason to reject your Silver Fern Visa application!

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4 comments on “New Zealand Silver Fern Visa VS Working Holiday Visa

  1. Landy, 马来西亚的 NZWHS 名额是 1150 哦!

    1. Landy Post author


  2. Hi there,
    I am originally from hong kong, I have a quick question regarding the silver fern visa scheme. Apart from there requirments that are on the website, is there any work experince restriction for person with undergraduate or higher degree? Thanx

    1. Landy Post author

      There is no restriction for a person with undergraduate or higher degree or any background. As long as you fulfill the age requirement, language requirement and fund requirement, you are ready to go. However the competition is tough. There would be 300 places for the whole world applicants to apply. Anyway, just try, if you never try, you would never know…

      Cheers, Landy

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