New Zealand Housekeeping Job Paid By Hourly Or Room

New Zealand Housekeeping Job Paid By Hourly Or Room

4tern fans, Amelie Yu asked:”As a housekeeper in New Zealand, the job is paid by hourly or by room basis? Can you tell me what are things that need to be done by a housekeeper?”

4tern replied,” In New Zealand, housekeeping job is paid by hourly. However, it doesn’t mean you can slow down your speed to extend the working hours. Supervisors have rough idea, what is the range of time is needed to make up a room in a slowest pace and fastest pace. They won’t blame your for working slow, because each individual is different.

If you are a slow person, but you can clean very well, that is a great attitude in housekeeping. The only advice to everyone is to work with your own speed, make sure to get things done without any mistakes.

New Zealand Housekeeping Job Paid By Hourly Or Room

Housekeeping Job Scope Includes

1. Change the bed sheet, pillow cases, blanket (depends on the blanket condition)

2. Clean the glasses and cups. Empty up the boiler.

3. Make sure no left over food in the freezer and it is turn on. (Some New Zealanders would turn off the fridge at night, because the noisy sound that the fridge makes)

4. Restore the furniture position.

5. Change the towels in the bathrooms.

6. Clean up the toilet.

7. Clean up the water basin.

8. Clean up and dry up the shower section or bath tub.

9. Empty the rubbish bin.

10. Vacuum and mop the bathroom floor.

11. Refill the tea bags, coffees, milks and so on.

12. Allocate new soaps, shampoo, toilet rolls and others in the bathroom.

13. Put fresh towels.

14. Check on the closet for left over items.

Housekeeping main tasks or basic things are listed above.

Spring Clean Or Thoroughly Clean

During the low season, supervisor will request for a spring clean or a thoroughly clean. This is the preparation work before the peak season starts. Furthermore to ensure everyone obtain the minimum work hours, which is about 20-30 hours per week.

Hey, housekeeper needs to survive and pay their own room rental too.”

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